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Simplifying Doctor Home Visits For Seniors With Parkinson’s

For seniors with Parkinson’s, doctor's appointments can be exhausting. Doctors who make home visits take the hassle and pain out of getting medical care.
At Home Doctor Visits Parkinson's Disease Nora IN
At Home Doctor Visits Parkinson's Disease Nora IN

For seniors that have Parkinson’s, getting to medical appointments can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Some of the symptoms of Parkinson’s like tremors, muscle stiffness, slow movement, and impaired balance can make it excruciating for senior’s to have to get into a car. Even driving quite a distance could result in motion sickness due to their impaired balance then following the long, slow, painful walk into the medical offices just to have a routine medical appointment. There’s a better way for seniors with Parkinson’s to get the care they need. Doctors who make home visits take the hassle and pain out of getting medical care.

Seniors who have Parkinson’s can take advantage of doctors who make home visits to get much of their routine care so that they don’t need to go into the doctor’s office. Some of the care that doctors who make house visits can offer patients at home are:


Seniors who have Parkinson’s need regular medical exams that can assess the state of their health and provide baseline data so that the progression of the disease can be tracked. A doctor who sees a senior at home can take more time to talk to that senior and their family to see how they are really doing. It gives the doctor, family caregivers, and seniors the chance to talk in-depth about the senior’s health, any changes in their symptoms, and what their future care plan should be. Doctors are able to spend valuable one-on-one time with seniors and their families that they often don’t get to spend with them at traditional medical appointments.

Medication Management

When doctors who make home visits come to a senior’s home they can look over all of the medications that seniors are taking to make sure that the medications are not going to cause bad interactions. They can also make more informed decisions about dosages and what medications are necessary based on what they’re seeing in the home. When the doctor sees a seniors in their home they can get a much more comprehensive view of that senior’s health and lifestyle.


A number of tests and assessments like heart rate and blood pressure can be done right in the home so that seniors will be able to get the important measurements and tests they need to help track their health without having to drive to several different buildings or labs. Doctors who make home visits can do everything right in the privacy and comfort of the senior’s home which will make seniors a lot more likely to agree to routine medical visits.

Post-Hospital Care

If your senior loved one has been in the hospital or rehab after a fall or a medical event like a stroke doctors who make home visits can make follow up care much easier for seniors and their families. Doctors can provide in-depth post-hospital or post-surgical care to make sure that seniors are getting the care they need after their hospital or rehab stay.


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