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4 Side Effects of Arthritis That Can Be Managed with Physician House Calls

Physician house calls can make it easier and less painful for seniors with arthritis to get the routine care and pain management that can help them feel better.
Physician House Calls New Augusta IN
Physician House Calls New Augusta IN

Arthritis and Rheumatoid arthritis are painful chronic conditions that cause physical symptoms that can impair movement and mobility. Seniors who have arthritis can find it very difficult to get to the doctor for routine care and pain management even when they need it because the symptoms of arthritis are flaring up. Physician house calls can make it easier and less painful for seniors with arthritis to get the routine care and pain management that can help them feel better.

When seniors have doctor visits for the elderly at home they don’t have to worry about the stress and pain caused by having to get in and out of vehicles, walk sometimes long distance inside a medical facility, and sit in uncomfortable chairs waiting for the doctor. Physician house calls can help seniors manage chronic arthritis symptoms like:


Pain is a constant for people with arthritis, but the site of the pain and the intensity of that pain varies. People with Rheumatoid arthritis may have pain and symptoms that affect more than just their joints. RA can also impact the eyes, lungs, heart, and nerves. Nerve pain is common with RA. Medication can help but also doctors can administer nerve blockers through injects when seniors are having excruciating nerve pain in the hands, feet, or neck. Delivering these shots at home allows seniors to relax after the injection and rest until the block starts taking effect.

Join Swelling And Pain

Joint pain and swelling are the most common symptoms of arthritis. Many things can make this pain worse, including going out in the rain or snow or cold weather in general. That’s why it’s better for seniors with join pain and swelling to get physician house calls where they can stay in warm dry conditions and not have their pain made worse by going outside. Doctors can administer steroid injections and other medications that can reduce the swelling and alleviate some of the pain.

Impaired Mobility

Often seniors that have arthritis have trouble walking, sitting, and getting around. They may need a wheelchair or walker and walking long distances may be too difficult for them. Seniors who are getting pain and symptom management from a doctor in their homes can get scans and examinations at home from their doctor so that they don’t have to make their pain worse. The doctor will be able to accurate gauge the deterioration of their mobility at home.


Even though there’s no real treatment for fatigue doctors can help manage fatigue in arthritis patients by seeing them at home where they don’t have to exert the physical effort necessary to get into the doctor’s office. Remote patient monitoring can also help because the doctor can assess your senior parent’s condition based on everyday conditions and not on the physical effort they had to spend getting to the doctor’s office.

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