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Physician House Calls Can Treat Common Senior Chronic Conditions

Many people don't know that physician house calls can treat many different chronic conditions that your senior loved ones struggle with daily.
Physician House Calls Nora IN
Physician House Calls Nora IN

Medical care for seniors is changing, and physician house calls are at the forefront of that change. Medical providers are focusing more on meeting the unique needs of seniors and finding ways to provide medical care that seniors need while also taking into account the difficulties that seniors are having when it comes to accessing medical care. Too many seniors don’t get medical help or skip routine appointments for chronic illnesses because they find it too stressful or difficult to get to medical appointments. With physician house calls that take medical care right to seniors where they live doctors are helping seniors get the care they need to better manage their chronic health conditions.

Kidney Disease

Seniors with kidney disease often find it very stressful and difficult to make it to medical appointments or to the lab for urinalysis tests. Yet they need to have medical tests and urinalysis done regularly so that their doctors can monitor their kidney function and address any issues that come up. With physician house calls many of the monitoring tests that need to be done can be done in the privacy and comfort of a senior’s home. And samples can be gotten at home too so that seniors don’t have the added stress and embarrassment that sometimes comes with producing urine samples for testing.


Seniors who have COPD often have portable oxygen tanks that need to go with them everything. Getting into a car and out of a car, getting around a medical facility, and traveling with that tank can be cumbersome at best. Seniors often don’t want the hassle if they only need routine monitoring or testing done to make sure that their lungs are functioning as best as they can and that the medication they are on is working well. When a senior’s doctor can do those tests and monitor their condition at home, it makes routine care easier for them and the doctor is able to get more acute results.


Seniors that have diabetes may find that their test results and blood sugar curves aren’t as accurate as they should be depending on when they go to the doctor. The only appointment time available might not be the ideal time for measuring their blood sugar. Or seniors may struggle to arrange for adequate transportation. Seniors who are diabetic can benefit from having their doctor come to their home to take blood, measure their blood sugar, check their weight, and perform other important monitoring tasks. Seniors often much prefer to have these tests and monitoring done at home, especially the weigh-in.


Seniors with Alzheimer’s thrive on routine. So disrupting that routine for a medical appointment can be upsetting and traumatizing for someone with Alzheimer’s. Physician house calls for seniors with Alzheimer’s make monitoring the progression of the disease easier for the doctor and easier on the senior patient.

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