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Physician House Calls Help Seniors Age in Place

Physician house calls are a great option for seniors who are aging in place and may have trouble with transportation, but want to keep up on their health care.
Physician House Calls Speedway IN
Physician House Calls Speedway IN

In a poll done by the National Institute on Healthcare Policy, a whopping 88% of seniors said that being able to age in place was very important to them. As the popularity of aging in place has grown for seniors, their families and the medical community have started looking at what services and support their loved ones need to successfully stay in their homes as their health needs change over time. Physician house calls can be life-changing for seniors who want to stay independent. Getting access to medical care is one of the biggest challenges that seniors face when they are aging in place.

It becomes very challenging once seniors can no longer drive to medical appointments or the facilities where they can get routine tests and imaging. Seniors need to find friends or family to drive them, or they need to take a rideshare or a cab. Physician house calls make it easy for seniors to get routine care, tests, and medical monitoring from their doctor when they need it. They are also much more likely to get routine care and be more actively involved in their care when they have the physician house calls option.

More Accurate Vital Measurements

When seniors need to go through the stress and hassle of getting to a doctor’s office or hospital to get care their blood pressure, breathing, and heart rate can all become elevated because of the stress and effort. That can result in in accurate readings of their vital signs which can influence how the doctor treats them. Everything from lifestyle recommendations to medication dosages can be thrown off by inaccurate or inconsistent vital readings. When doctors visit seniors in their homes their readings are more likely to be accurate because the senior is comfortable and relaxed.

More One-On-One Time

Seniors get more one-on-one face time with their doctor when they get home visits from a doctor. It can take seniors some time to ask questions and full understand the answers. When seniors are rushed through a visit in a busy office of hospital they may not ask questions they want to ask because they are worried about wasting the doctor’s time. Or the doctor may not have the time to talk to the seniors in-depth about their health and any lifestyle changes they can make to improve it. When doctors treat seniors at home they can take the time to address any concerns that seniors and their family members have.

More Consistent Care

Physician house calls mean more consistent care for seniors and that consistent care can help prevent medical crisis, manage chronic conditions, and help seniors remain independent and living well in their own homes as they get older.

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