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Side Effects of Diabetes In-Home Doctor Visits Can Manage

In-home doctor visits can help your senior loved one with diabetes manage both their condition as well as common side effects they may suffer from.
Diabetes: In-Home Doctor Visits Avon IN
Diabetes: In-Home Doctor Visits Avon IN

Diabetes affects nearly 35% of the senior population. It’s a serious illness that requires lifestyle changes and medical monitoring to manage. But it can be very difficult for seniors who have diabetes to get to the doctor regularly for monitoring and routine care. In-home doctor visits help seniors who have diabetes manage their condition and can also help them successfully manage some of the side effects of diabetes. The side effects of diabetes can be very serious.


Having diabetes doesn’t necessarily mean that seniors will have a stroke. Although it does increase the risk of having one, and that risk for seniors is already high. When seniors with diabetes get routine medical monitoring from their doctor at home, they can lower that risk. In-home doctor visits can track heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar at home. Any change in their vitals that could indicate a potential problem can be addressed by their doctor right away.


When diabetes isn’t managed well seniors can start to go blind. Vision problems need to be carefully monitored because they can let a senior’s doctor know if their diabetes is not being managed properly. And of course, it’s not safe for a senior that is experiencing vision changes or problems to be driving or trying to get themselves safely to a medical facility. When seniors with diabetes start to experience vision problems it’s better for them to have in-home doctor visits for treatment.

Peripheral Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy is a very common side effect of diabetes. It can be one of the first symptoms of diabetes that seniors experience. Neuropathy is a tingling sensation or painful sensation like a pins-and-needles feeling in the toes and legs, and sometimes in the hands and fingers too. If left untreated it can be uncomfortable or painful and may cause permanent nerve damage. Because peripheral neuropathy can make it difficult for seniors to walk having a doctor come to the house to provide monitoring and treatment is ideal for seniors.

Kidney Disease

Kidney disease can also be a side effect of diabetes. All of these side effects of diabetes can get worse when a senior isn’t managing their diabetes properly. When a doctor performs a house call to provide treatment for a senior with diabetes it can provide valuable information for that doctor to help them discover why the senior is having trouble managing their diabetes.

The doctor can see what food is in the pantry and what that senior is typically eating. And they can make suggestions and provide guidance in addition to medical care so that seniors will have an easier time getting their diabetes under control. If they can do that then they may be able to avoid serious complications like kidney disease or blindness.

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